Wednesday, October 28, 2009

South Australian Olive Oils

This summer I participated in two major conferences with Richard Gawel from Australia. He is without a doubt the guru of Australian olive oil. The attached article discusses the Australian judging panel for olive oil in South Australia, which Richard chairs. Richard Gawel is super talented and needs to be cloned.

Recently I've been working on a wine and olive oil project with the Australian Embassy and have come to appreciate the fabulous work being done in Australia. Rylstone is a fabulous producer of Australian organic olive oil. It's a lovely oil worth a look and a place in your pantry.

Growing Awareness of Quality Olive Oils

Global Life: Food and Wine published an excellent article entitled, "Extra Virgin Appreciation 101: How to Really Savorou Olive Oil" provides further evidence of a growing movement towards quality olive oil. Given the comments following the article, education and understanding remain severely lacking. I strongly feel this presents opportunity and growth for quality olive oils from around the world.