Thursday, January 28, 2010

Miracles, Mother Nature and Reflecting

If we possess any amount of self-honesty, there are few of us, including me, who have the patience and fortitude to face the challenges of producing terrific, or simply good, wine on a consistent basis vintage after vintage. Of course, this holds true for olive oil or any agricultural product. The pain and anxiety caused by the perils of Mother nature each year can shake the most grounded souls. Fortunately for us, there are those who have chosen this path.

Here's a link to Jancis Robinson's summary of the 2008 vintage in Burgundy, She articulates the anguish and uncertainty that vignerons (vine growers), vintners and winemakers often endure to bring this pleasurable treasure to our table. I have always stated that I am no critic, a promoter and supporter only. Reading Ms. Robinson's recount of the challenging 2008 vintage causes me to appreciate and applaud the dedicated folks who devote their lives to bringing us fun and enjoyment. Rather than escaping our daily challenges via a glass of wine, let us pause and reflect and celebrate those who make the miracle of the vine possible. Votre Santé!

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